we are a full service Exterminating Company, Termite Control Service and pest elimination company serving the all new york area including westchester, new york city and rye. Our extermination company is a well respected and experienced pest control service.

Any of your bug and pest problems will be quickly eliminated with quality & guaranteed extermination work.



With pest control, there are several ways to run into exposure to illness. You or your family could become ill from an insect bite, or by coming in contact with rodent droppings. The use of pesticides could harm your health, the health of a family member, or a pet. A professional will take care of your problem in a safe an effective manner.

Less itching and scratching

 Many pests will bite the inhabitants of homes or buildings they invade. Bed bugs, fleas, spiders, mosquitoes, and others; can give bites that leave you scratching and uncomfortable for days. Having a local company take care of the situation will set your mind and skin at ease.

Less Cleaning

When you have a pest control issue, you are dealing with the living pests, as well as, the dead bugs, rodents, and droppings, etc. A local pest management company will tackle all aspects of pest termination, including the prevention of pest-related debris.

Peace of Mind

Not only do you not have to worry about creepy critters scampering around your home, but by using pest control techniques that use less toxic materials, a local pest control company will ease your worries about your children, pets, and other family members being exposed to harmful materials.


When you have a pest problem, your imagination may get the best of you and you may begin to think the pests are crawling all over you while you sleep. A pest professional will not only take care of the problem, but perhaps even help promote better sleep for you as the pests have been removed.


Keep your home or building safe

Pests will do things like burrow, gnaw, and chew through the wood that contributes to the structure or building of your home. A local pest control company will prevent the situation from becoming more dangerous by taking care of the problem quickly, efficiently, and safely.

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